I looked at my blog statistics yesterday.  I thought I was getting less readers.  it turns out I was getting more – wordpress just modified the scale.  So for me it is nice to know a small community of people read this blog.

The church my wonderful wife and I are a part of is interesting at all sorts of levels.  It seems to consistently go against the stream on some things (its distinctives) and not against the stream on others (negotiables).  One area which it seems to excel in is that even though it is a very large (officially mega-) church it maintains a sense of community.  Let me explain.

A couple of weeks ago I was shopping at Dandenong Markets.  I ran into my cell group leader there and we had a chat.  Our cell was to have a social evening the same night a my wonderful wife’s birthday.  They invited our super son to go along, by himself, and for the adults to have a night to themselves.  We did not take them up on it as my wonderful wife wanted a family celebration of her birthday.

On Saturday then we woke up and my wonderful wife decided she needed to go to the doctor for some problems and would like me along and needed to see if we could get an appointment that day.  We got the appointment and had discussed the idea that our super son becomes too distracted and distracting in the doctors surgery and wondered if we could leave him with our cell leaders who live across the road from us.  Lo and behold the phone rings at 9:00 ish and its them saying the social night went till midnight-ish and they got to bed later.  My wonderful wife asked about them having our super son, they said yes and we had a few hours to kill before the visit to the doctor.  We had a breakfast to ourselves at one of our favourite places.  It was a great experience overall.

It is out of experiences like that, the church we are part of reflects a sense of community. So how much sense of community is in the people you know at your church?