We all like different kinds of books.  Some of us like fiction and others non-fiction.  Some of us like biographies, others do it yourself books.  We all recognise that there are styles of books, writing and levels of interaction that work for us.

I have said it before that I am a romantic and like romantic comedy movies as well as comics and graphic novels.  Another are of interest in reading that my wife and I share is kids books.  I like teen fiction, I think because I read little of it as a teen, and my wonderful wife (Happy Birthday to her) loves the books she grew up with.

I think some of us find our identity in books or a style of reading at a given period of time and like to remian there as it has become part of us.  Dr Who fans I think have a similar experience as noted this week in The Age. The reworking of a childhood icon is hard and when done well it works very well.  And I sure wish I had not seen Mark Goodacre’s comment about Rose returning in this series.  But I can’t tell you where that is as Mark is making other comments already which I do not want to know to spoil the series for me.

So for some of us it is kids books or romance or comedy or biography or history or whatever.  Regardless in the end publishers, bookstores and Amazon.com are happy we still like those books.