I had a couple of conversations yesterday that reminded of a situation I had to deal with a few years (decades??) back.  To this day I am not convinced that a pastor I served under was not threatened by me.  Now I say this in a kind manner because maybe he just had bad people skills or thought I was not someone to get to know but he always seemed to forget things like my studies whenever he talked to me.  It felt like he did not want to get to know me because I might question him.  His successor was a totally different person and was quite supportive of what I was studying even though he had not studied at the same depth and loved, to a certain extent, me questioning him.  I supported them both as well as I could.

I realise that over time some people think you are after their job when you tell them the truth of your hopes and dreams.  Some CEOs or leaders feel threatened when you say things like “One days I’d like to run a company a bit like this one.”  This does not mean you want their job but want something like their job.  You may see it as a different place or a different time.  They think you want it yesterday.

Other people go, well lets see what develops, lets get to know you, develop you and see where we can have you work best while you are with us.  They know that God is involved in placing people in the right place at the right tme and they have no permanent claim on you.

I am not going to talk about the motives of the people around you or me and why they do things but I will ask a couple of questions.  If you were in their shoes would you be promoting you or threatened by you?  If so how can you make things better?