My wonderful wife was a little worried about me.  While she was away I confessed to watching material on television that we deem inappropriate.  I had been watching Top Gear.  She was wondering where her husband had gone.

Now this is a program about cars and other fast transport.  Except if you watched the episode where they raced to the airport by bike, car, boat and public transport.  The bike won, followed by the public transport, the boat and the car.  It was just great entertainment.

I know I sound like I am justifying an addiction 🙂

This week I turned it on and my wife watched it with me.  We ended up laughing in stitches as they test drove/destroyed three different English cars.  I am still laughing now when I think of the doors falling off and other problems as they went up steep hills and parked, or not, drove over bumpy roads and tried to see how far the car would go if they filled it with water.

I now think of this as a guilty pleasure for us.

So its a shared problem – and my wonderful wife is wondering less about where her husband has gone.