This chapter of Creating Significant Learning Experiencesby L Dee Fink was one that most excited me when I first read it.  Here we see what can happen when we have the time and possibility to create significant learning.

That is also the catch in my way of thinking.  The courses often seem to be longer than I have to teach them and allow more time for reflection and change.  I am not sure this is completely true but it does mean more thinking up front is useful.

At the same time Fink does remind us that too much change at once can be disorienting for the students.  This is an interesting challenge for me as I want to engage some of my history taking students in more depth and so I have to figure out some more creative ways than just lecturing and I am not there yet.  Though I have an idea of how the first lectures will go for both my units this semester I need to think more so I do not disorient people too much.

I do want people to do things differently so I need to create the right environment for it and this chapter encourage all teachers that they can change what they do if they want to.