I have just read John Birmingham’s Weapon’s of Choice.  Now the Wikipedia article about this says “In 2004 he published Weapons of Choice, the first in the Axis of Time trilogy, a series of Tom Clancy-like techno-thrillers and alternate history genres. Many writers from those genres appear as minor characters. It was published by Del Rey Books in the US and by Pan Macmillan in Australia.” (Wikipedia)

I think one of the reason’s I like this was the tongue in cheek approach to many of the authors and issues raised.  So Tom Clancy makes an appearance as do Harry Turtledoves, Space Lizards.  Overall as a comment on the genre it is a gem.

One of the things that made this book better than other alternate history books is that it has a futuristic feel to what it does as the group who go back and change history is from 2021.

One of the other things I liked was the clash of values which is one of the issues Birmingham keeps coming back to.  Can the people of the 1940s accept the idea of a African-American, lesbian, ship’s captain for example.  Another line is where the romantic lead girl from the future tells the romantic lead guy from the 1940s she’d want them to live together first.  He replies “You want us to live in sin?”.  Obviously he has a better idea of the issues of cohabitation than others 🙂

I have reserved the next volume at the library and will be interested to see where it all goes.  I believe a sequel of sort to the trilogy is being written so it may be very interesting.  I’ll let you know when I have read more.