I regularly check to see what sort of google queries get people to this blog.  My favourite for this week was “pentecostal are we married living together”.  For which I answer not really.  Though I say this being mindful of Scot McKnight’s comments about “A Little Exercise for Young Theologians”.

This week I was also asked about food offered to idols and eating hallal meat.  Now this is an issue regularly raised in Hermeneutics classes as to what is culturally appropriate.  What was being asked however was not a hermeneutics issue.  The person who asked me was dealing with at least 3 different cultures, Christian, Hindu and Muslim and had been asked if they were inconsistent in what they did.  While I walked them through the issues as I best understood them I really wished my college’s missions person was there to give a better answer.

In the end we are all to be ready to give an explanation for the hope within us as Peter says in 1 Peter 3:15 no matter what sort of odd questions people ask.

So what questions are you being asked?