Considering the class I am taking this week and other things going on at work at the same time and the weather stopping me from riding it has been a bit of a different week.  Somewhere along the way some old aches and pains have started again which I realised are probably related to eating too many biscuits and sitting too long.

Now it has been years since I ate lots of biscuits and I know that if I eat lots of sugary floured baked things, such as biscuits and donuts I end up in pain.  I have monitored my diet and there has not been that much of a problem.

Spiritually I think we do the same thing sometimes.  We let things creep up on us, we know if we binged it would be bad but little bits are ok.  We think a little negativity won’t hurt but lots will.  So we indulge in moderate amounts but not too much to make sure we are still doing good spiritually.

So how do we maintain our spiritual health?  I think we need to be more ruthless than we think.  We need to remove the things before they become a problem.  It is letting the little things in that cause problems.  I realise I am preaching to myself as much as any of my readers.  We need to pray that God would shine his light in our darkest corners and help us get the dirt out.

So what is bad for your health that you are letting stay around?