Sydney Bauer has written, so far, three novels based on the character of David Cavanaugh.  I read one and then when I was returning it to the library the next one was available.

Undertow is obviously a first novel.  It explains too much at the beginning rather than let you find out.  I was thinking of giving it up until about 80 pages in when it started to twist and turn and ended up ratehr good.

Gospel did not have the first novel issues, in fact it was a very good second novel and I look forward to reading the third to see how Ms Bauer grows as an author.  I have read all of the Sue Grafton novels to date and see a similar growth in her story telling style.

The problem with this series is the incongruity of it.  Ms Bauer is an Australian who has obviously spent some time in Boston and may have other connections to the US of A.  Unfortunately she is writing a male, US character and seems to have him based more on an Australian and what an Australian would do than an American.  so his sport interests, his beer and his attitudes seem more Australian than American to me.

I am surprised at Ms Bauer’s consistent choice of murderer and admittedly while there is enough sense in the novels that they would commit the crime I am wondering if I see some sort of bias towards a certain type of character.

I will find out I suppose when I read the next novel.