This week has been busy for me as has been obvious by the (lask of) posts.  Today is no lighter just the necessity to keep writing is making me do this.

As part of all the meetings this week one person has confessed that God is convicting them of working in teams and having the other people around them to help and to sharpen them.  This is not a message many of us like to hear from God as it makes us realise our own weaknesses “I am not a team player” and prejudices “I like to only work with organised people”.

The funny thing if I was to say to married people what drives you nuts about your spouse I think it would be the same issue.  We are different and the differences feel so huge how can I work with this person?  I know I have committed to them but how do I work on this?  Funnily enough as i was thinking about this topic this morning there was a discussion on another blog concerning why romantic weekends are overrated and some of it gets down to working with the partners differences.  The post is good enough to read just for the quotes from Alaine de Bottom.

I could say like usual it gets back to commitment but its not just that.  If we have no positive reinforcment that we are connecting with people who are different to us then we will not engage.  Jesus when he left did not say “just be committed to me it will be all ok” he said “When I go another will come”.  We can not follow God out of a one way commited relationship.  God also gives us reinforcement that He is part of our lives.

You see we need one another to be the Body of Christ and we need one another to be conformed to the image of Christ.  Jesus did not leave us alone but left us his Spirit and his (spiritual) brothers and sisters.  Commitment is great but practical strategies are needed as well.

While I may talk about more practical strategies next week one that works consistently is getting a mutually agreed third party involved.  What I am effectviely saying is go to a counsellor together; don’t just have one of you go as that will breed distrust and resentment.  Or find a third person who can help the two people not getting along to work together in the same room.  That is one approach Jesus has given us – we all have the Spirit and He will help us get along as a body.

So where do you need to work with someone who is different?