Ok this is not a consideration of a fiction novel, I have a few of those to give, but instead some comments on Prince Caspian.

I enjoyed the movie, the effects and the overall message.  It does intrigue me if The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe is analogous to the ministry of Christ and the voyage of the Dawn Treader is analogus to the book of Revelation as the seven kings represent the seven churches is Prince Caspian analogous to the Reformation?  Just a thought.

There was lots of discussion in the family for this movie about the portrayal of the Telmarines.  I had imagined them much like they were portrayed – my wonderful wife and others more like Arabs.  I suppose we now have a model which will be seen and memorised from now on for kids.  I am happy the producers etc. thought closer to what I did than others – of course my imagination was more correct wasn’t it. 🙂

Now this is the second movie my son has seen at a drive-in the first was Cars.  He asked some fun questions like “Where has the train gone” and “Are they cutting up boys” but seemed to enjoy it sort of.  Which raises the other issue that some of my students have expressed concern about, why does this have a M rating?  That I can not answer other than my old addage, “In their movies, Americans hate sex and Australians hate violence”.

So overall I recommend the film and hope you enjoy it too.