Its funny this week I was thinking I was having a wedding theme and as I rode in this morning I realised I was really talking about transitions. Today my wonderful wife starts her new job and our routines are all going to change and this got me thinking about transitions and doing them well.  Someone at work has their new born child coming home from hospital and we are all transitioning from one semester to another.

I think if we look at the narrative of scripture we see a few occurrences of transitions and how to do them.

First off there is a general rule, repent if you are in a place of sin.  Whether this is Achan and Ai or warnings in Acts and Hebrews this is generally good advise.

Second recognise there is a transition, the number of times that Moses leads the Israelites over rivers and stops, waits for God and then goes, leaving behind a memorial is the pattern here.  Stop and wait for God at the boundary.

Third go forward in God’s time.  This timing may be obvious – it is the next step – or may require a delay of some sort.  Whichever is not an issue just do it at the right time.  Scripture talks about “in the fulness of time” and this seems to be the pattern of timing as I perceive it.

Fourth recognise there is no turning back.  From Lot’s wife to Samson and others Scripture reminds us of what happens if we break our vows or go back when we know we shouldn’t.  Crossing the rivers out of Egypt stopped the Israelites going back, it didn’t stop them wanting to but it did stop them.

Fifth celebrate the new place.  This is one of the most fun parts of transitions.  There needs to be celebration.  The resurrection of Jesus was celebrated as an amazing thing.  The Israelites ended up in a land of milk and honey again a celebration, David returning the ark to Jerusalem ends up as a great celebration.

Its funny, I have just seen photos of a buck’s night of a wedding I will be going to interstate and see part of the process of no turning back.  I know a friend who wanted a quiet wedding who recently told my wife she wished she had made more of it, more celebration of the transition.  There are other people who come to mind who I think never move far from where they start and do not transition from one phase of life to another but end up staying somewhere because it is comfortable, they never take the step to go forward.

So where are you?  Comnfortable or challenged to transition?