For those who think I am going to confess that my wife caught me cheating on Facebook I am sorry to disappoint. Today’s post is far less salacious.

If I consider the spectrum of people I know or have had to deal with in the last week they vary from single and not searching, to single and (desperately) wanting a partner, to dating, “in a relationship”, just engaged, just about married, married no kids, married with kids, married with no kids again as they have moved out of home, separated, divorced, divorced with kids, remarried with kids and about to be separated, about to be remarried etc. Now the transitions between some of these phases can be fun, from going from engaged to married for example, or the transition can be painful, from married to separated. Now it seems some people may think I am divisive to keep this list yet the reality is for me there are certain things I would say to one group that I would not say to another. There is a desire that I have to fight for me to give “Unasked For Marriage Advice” which may be a sub-series next week to get it off my chest.

Regardless this weekend my wonderful wife and I were expecting someone we know to get engaged. It has not happened as far as we know and this just confirms my theory that “guys always propose later than the girl wants them to”. In the process, and this is how we get the title of this post, my wonderful wife checked Facebook to see if there was a status update there. Funnily enough there was not a change in our friends but another cousin is now “in a relationship”.  This spawned an email from my wonderful wife asking for all the details.

I think it is amusing that Facebook is becoming the arbiter of relationship status. I have read reports of miscommunication about Facebook relationship status and the problems that break up by Facebook bring. yet theologically what does it say about our relationships? It seems we all need to know when we are and are not in a relationship and where we fall on the sort of spectrum. Relationships do define us in some manner and their status is important.

So what is the status of your relationships? And where is God in the midst of them?