Well the weekend is long and not over so I will start writing now and fill in more details tomorrow.

The weekend started on Friday for us with a trip to Lunar Drive-in and seeing most of Prince Caspian.  Well as much as you can see with a four year old who wants t go to the toilet or do other things while the movie is on.  My wonderful wife and I enjoyed it though.

Saturday we explored some local fruit farms and found one of them imports/sells some of the gluten-free pasta my wife likes that we last had in Venice.

Later that day we went to church and enjoyed the service.  Though I felt sorry for the preacher who was a red-head. She said something like:

Some people think oh no that noisy red-head has sat down at my table I will never get a word in edgeways.

Then she named the senior pastor who also has red hair.

The congregation laughed and she said it’s ok he’s not here.

By this time a group of us were pointing to him in the second back row of the section.  She lost her point and then had to recover.  Oh well it always pays to know your audience.

Sunday we had a big people day.  At lunch we had our cell group leaders and then a family gathering in the night for a birthday party.

As it turns out the birthday girl has her birthday today but her boyfriend of the last year or so had proposed on Saturday when he took her to Sydney to see Billy Elliot.  i think I am jealous about them seeing the show, not the proposal.

We got home and at some point I asked my wonderful wife if it was this weekend another cousin was getting married and she said yes.  So it was a really wedded weekend of sorts.