My super son has decided that it is ok to say grace again.  He used to bless us with wonderful brief graces before meals and then suddenly decided he did not feel well and stopped doing them.

Well they have started again and he seems to be telling us that important things are sleep, small group, kinder and occasionally food.  These are the things he keeps thanking God for.

I am delighted that he wants to share his young spiritual life with us even when he seems to forget the purpose of the practice such as thanking God for the food.  Yet I really want to encourage him.

You see in the end I think all Christians start off young.  They don’t know the right words to say or have the language or the concept quite right.  Yet if we allow these young Christians to share with us and affirm the good and try to downplay the bad we help form them in the communities we are part of.

So in the end I am thankful for my graceful super son and hope I can continue to learn to encourage little one to grow.

Who do you need to encourage to grow today?