This weekend was a bit quieter than the last one. We were home all three nights (Friday-Sunday), had a friend over for lunch on Saturday and went to the city on Sunday.

I’d like to say I enjoyed church on Saturday afternoon, but I did not hear the sermon so I find my enjoyment disappears when I have to deal with a less than super son who does not want me to leave the kids programme 😦

The trip to the city was great though. We wandered through the Hotel Windsor to look at it for a nights accommodation as a possible gift for some people we know. It works great for couples but won’t for us as they charge an arm and a leg for kids 😦

We then wandered the city a bit which was fun. We had planned to have lunch at Lord of the Fries. It was as good as it sounds with it being the best gluten-free fast food my wife has tasted.

I got to go to Minotaur and pick up the next two volumes of 52. Now if I can just persuade my wonderful wife that the fourth volume would be a great Fathers Day present I would be very happy 🙂

We came home, I read did lecture prep and had an early night. My wonderful wife watched Emma on the ABC and joined me later.

Overall a great weekend.