I keep being surprised by the number of people I meet who are chained to the past.  Whether it is relationship that has gone sour, the death of a loved one from some tragedy, or the consequences of some bad decision some people I have met seem to stay at the same place.

When we were at the college camp earlier this year someone mentioned the idea of emotional freezepoints.  As best I understand it these are those places where we are stopped in our tracks by something that happened and we head back to the same emotional reaction that we originally had.  Whether it is parent’s getting a divorce, a sibling dying of cancer, the child abused by a parent the idea of not being able to move past that point means that the emotions come back and overpower someone when something similar happens.  The person is not able to move on, they are chained to the past.

The Christian response to these issues is multiple.  Things such as grace, forgiveness, love, hope, trust and joy help overcome the past.  I don’t believe that time is a healer, it is a helper for us to forget things but the true healer is Jesus.

So what do you need to hand over to Jesus to touch, to heal and be left in the past sop it no longer chains you to the past?