Well it was a huge weekend.  I think I have enough material for about 5 posts.  So instead I will do it all as bullet points and then expand some below.

  • Men’s conference at Church
  • A visit to Absolutely Gluten Free
  • A birthday party for an in-law
  • Dinner of sorts in Williamstown
  • Tony Campolo speaking at Church
  • Lunch at Lygon Street, Carlton at Enotecca Oggi
  • My son saying “Mummy go oink”
  • Arvo Tea at Chaddy
  • A Marriage Proposal
  • And the guilty pleasure of Eurovision

Tony Campolo and I go along way back.  I was at a Baptist conference back in the late 80s and he spoke.  I invited him to our tents for lunch one day and we all had a great time.  Hearing him again for the first time in 19 years was a great treat.  Especially him telling one of the defining stories for me.  But that is another post another day.

We finally got to Lygon street due to having purchased a Weekend pass for CityLink to get to the birthday party and so we travelled into the city quite easily.  We had a great time there and I saw, in the flesh this time, a book by a friend of mine at Readings.  It was too expensive for me to purchase but I did think about it.

On the way home, for numerous reasons, we stopped at Chadstone.  My super son was getting a little tired and asked me to carry him.  I said I would give him a piggy back.  he said “no, mummy can” and hopped on his mother’s back.  He then said “Mum, go oink” we took a moment to figure out why he said this and then burst into laughter.

Eventually we got home and had a phone message that sounded urgent and serious and we called back but got no answer.  We eventually had a call back to be told that we will have another wedding in the family this year, there had been a marriage proposal.  When and where the wedding will be, Melbourne or Brisbane, we are yet to hear.  We wait with baited breath.

Finally this weekend was Eurovision.  It is hard to describe this amazing mess of music and costumes and other stuff.  It is a guilty pleasure which we enjoy, partially from having had a party one year with European friends and watching it, partly because it is so bad and fun at the same time.

Overall a huge weekend:  Conference, Comestibles, Celebration, Commuting, Church, Carlton, Chadstone, Congratulations and Confluence (of music).