I realise a large amount of my reading is based on where I have lived or visited. If I liked a place I wanted to read more about it in some form or other.  So I have read Caleb Carr’s The Alienist and its sequel Angel of Darkness for my New York phase.  Similarly I have read both Jonathan and Faye Kellerman for my Los Angeles phase.  I have yet to find a series set in contemporary London or New York that I enjoy though I have read many of the Pascoe and Dalziel novels by Reginald Hill for the Yorkshire flavour.  Suggestions will be greatly appreciated.

Of course Venice has the Donna Leon but I just can’t seem to get into that series however Rome has, in its historical form, Lindsey Davis’s Falco which I do enjoy.

Three hands in the Fountain is I suspect a play on the old movie and song, Three Coins in the Fountain.  And true to that reflection is the idea that someone needs to be lucky in love.  In this case it is not Falco who is doing very well but his good friend Petro.

This novel has all the hallmarks of a good mystery, not quite sure who did what and why, meeting the killer abd realising that it is them without the characters realising yet and enough light heartedness to not make this bog down.

I look forward to reading the next ones.