I am quite surprised when I present a paper what gets focussed on.  What I consider the important issues get missed and the lesser focus of the paper is magnified. This happened again last week when I presented the paper at PCBC.  I expect this paper will eventually be published online at the PCBC Webjournals page.

Along a similar line I received this morning an announcement that the Crucible is now available.  I have known this was coming for a period of time and hoped it would happen sooner than later as I wanted to publish a paper in the Australian context more than the US one.  It means my current work can be redirected, peer reviewed and hopefully accepted.

Last night we had a great night at our small group.  All three of us made it as my super son was so looking forward to it.  He is starting to get the idea of it all, now loves church (except the worship which, to quote, “hurts his ears”) and is really growing up.  We are really thankful to God for this.  I had to come home a little earlier to put my super son in bed but it was a great night.

So over all we are feeling good at the moment and se God’s hand continuing to work in our lives.