Well it has been a bit of a mixed weekend and so the major theme of this post will be food.  In all its different forms, cooked, uncooked, good and bad.

On Friday my wonderful wife suggested we try Khe Sanh which we did.  My super son must have been hungry as he ate most of the chicken of my wonderful wife’s Cashew Chicken.  I had satay beef and we all enjoyed what we had.  Even if it was a little for my wonderful wife.

Saturday was the markets like usual, a trip to The Glen to go to Macro to get some gluten-free flour.  We gave up on this idea as what we wanted they did not have or it was organic and expensive.  We are still looking for a gluten-free flour place so we may try Absolutely Gluten-Free next weekend as we expect to be in Werribee for a family birthday, though I have a mens conference on at church so we will see.

We all watched Chitty Chitty Bang Bang for a bit and I accidentally snoozed.  The phone rang at one stage and I saw the machines in the show and thought uh-oh this will be a disaster as it will give my super son all sorts of ideas.  Lo and behold the next thing he did was create an egg machine. 🙂

Later in the afternoon was church and we tried to have a cuppa with some friends but we needed to dash off and go to dinner with our cell group leaders.  This was a lovely evening with my super son running riot and no one really concerned.  The food was Indian, authentic and great and the company similar.

Sunday we all slept late.  This was great.  We went to Eastland as that had  a combination of stores we needed.  We purchased almost all we needed and could not decide what to do about lunch so we just came home.

We all relaxed at home, no one felt like cooking and so we tried a new pizza place which is part of a chain.  While I loved what I had my wife’s preference is for a different place which we know.  At least we know now.