Yesterday at the conference dinner I started to catch up with some people.  One of them asked did I move jobs because the money was better?  I said while it was better it was not enough to make the move in and of itself.  This did get me thinking about how much money motivates us all and thus to discuss the next deadly sin, greed.

Greed is a funny sin.  I grew up in the 80s and remember the movie Wall St which had the line “Greed … is good”.  Somewhere along the way the idea of being conspicuously wealthy became acceptable, greed which had been seen as something unfair now was something good.  The desire for more money than necessary, or more than any thing than what is needed is a definition for greed.  Theologically I think this does not cut it, though.  Greed is the need to feel fulfilled by seeking things more than God or relationships.  I am aware a couple of people I know who have lots of friends on facebook and I think they have a competition as to who will have the greatest number of “friends” at the end of the year.  This I don’t think is greed but a form of pride.  What is the necessary number of friends for someone?  That depends on the personality and for these people they would need lots.

So greed can be expressed in a couple of forms of wanting more than is necessary and trying to justify having more.  How do we remove greed from our lives?  The usual answer is generosity, to not keep what we have.  This does not stop the wanting though.  The greed can still be there but we want things to give them away; it is still more than necessity.  The answer to greed is recognise what you are wanting and deal with it  honestly.  The desire is the problem – why are you wanting more than you need?  What is the God shaped hole you are trying to fill?  What do you need to have peace in your life rather than greed?

In the end what do you desire and is it bringing you the peace of God on your life?