Well I guessed wrong this week and church had a service on the deadly sin of Anger.  It made my wonderful wife angry for reasons I have no need to go into now.  So to try and keep ahead I’ll consider anger today and something else on Thursday.

Anger is an interesting emotion as it is on occasions attributed to God.  So immediately we have to realise the problem is not anger itself but either the type of anger or how we express our anger.  For those who have noticed I cleaned up my blogroll to remove a couple of entries that seem to generate more anger than light on issues.  You see some things make us angry that are not important while other things are quite important and we don’t seem to bat an eyelid.

So if anger means “an intense emotional state induced by displeasure” as www.m-w.com says then what does it say about God and us?  At some level we are displeased with something.  Something we did not like and we now have an emotional reaction to.  In the intensity of it we act in a certain way – whether that is godly or not I leave to you to decide.  The question is not that we get displeased but how do we express it?

This then leads to how we should respond to anger, or how we should avoid it.  First we have to figure out how to never be displeased.  This means we have to set our standards so low that everything we receive is above them right?  Actually I think not.  We need God’s standards but they need to not be taken out on people in ungodly ways.  That is we need to be gentle and peaceable, concerned about reconciled relationships before we respond to our anger.

Ultimately this is my answer in “being slow to anger” consider how will this help my relationship with this person? how will I display gentleness and how will I maintain peace?

So what displeases you and how do you deal with it?