Well it was my wonderful wife’s 4th mothers day.  I know those who count think it should be her 5th but due to the location of the birth one of these was missed out so I am aware of how many she has had.

These facts mean it was a weekend where I was more willing than usual to do what my wonderful wife wanted.  So we went to Captain Americas on Friday.  Now my super son was not being so super so the evening did not go as well as planned but it was nice anyway.  This is another place to add to the list of “We’ll go back there when its just the two of us.”  Hopefully they will also have gluten-free rolls again but that is another issue.

Saturday we all went to the markets so my wonderful wife could see what fruit was now in season.  My super son pushed my trolley around.  As well as he ran over a few feet.  When we got home I installed our hook rack for the spoons and other hanging things we needed in the kitchen.  I then tried to check if what I had purchased to secure the knife rack to the wall would.  We have two computers and the little computer had a fit of some sort and would not attach itself to the network.  In the end all was working and I am still not sure I could use the connectors I had.

Sunday dawned, and my super son made his presence known.  We gave his mother, my wonderful wife, her presents and she was pleased.  We went up to Sassafras for breakfast and what was news was they now have a gluten-free menu.  My wonderful wife was overwhelmed with choices.  We meandered through the mountains and eventually came home for naps and lite lunches.  In the evening me decided to hit Cafe Fraus for chocolate, galettes and crepes.  This was a longer drive than I expected but good for me as I now have better ideas of where some things are.  This is also added to the list of “We’ll go back to when its just the two of us.”

While we were at Cafe Fraus one of the funniest thing did happen though.  I was hit on; well more accurately I was hit on on behalf of my son.  One of the people who served us said, “Do you ever need a baby sitter?”  I had to explain we lived a long way away and it would not work.  Darn. I think my super son yet again worked his magic and charmed his way into the heart of someone.