In the third of the Capitol crime series, Capitol Conspiracy, William Bernhardt brings together a series of interesting ideas.  Finally his hero, Ben Kincaid, and his offsider Christina are married but not all is pleasant for these honeymooners.  On top of this then is a number of deaths that Ben is forced to be involved with which separates him from Christina.  In the end it all resolves happily with a few twists that I did not see coming especially as a conspiracy is involved.

There are some interesting questions that this novel raises.  First Ben has to decide whether he is a liberal who has been mugged, thus having him side with the conservative Republican party.  Second what do you do if you make a decision your partner disagrees with? Ben sleeps in his office.  Finally there is the question of at what cost should a nation be protected from enemies – especially if it means giving up your liberties or what defines you as a nation.

I think I have said before that it seems to me Bernhardt writes as a liberal while Grisham with sometimes the same style writes as a conservative.  In this novel the issue of partisanship slips into the background to face an almost Tom Clancy-ish issue.  How do you respond when your government – both parties eventually – are attacked?

This seems to me to be an interesting take on government and one I’d like to see more novels consider as at least one Christian approach to government is not to see them as always right in every action but to have some suspicion or idea of evil in many acts.  This novel shows ways to see people being manipulated for all the “right reasons”.

While I liked the novel, partially because I have been reading the series for a while I will leave it to you to decide if you want to think through the issues of how to handle a conspiracy.