Well life is getting busier at work and while I want to post daily it seems some weeks this will not happen.

Last week was ANZAC day.  This is a public holiday and made a long weekend for us this year.  Now I have very mixed reactions to ANZAC day as it is a glorification of the sacrifices of war, particularly wars that did not need to be had and battles that should not have been fought the way they were.  At the same time I recognise that those sacrifices have made us the nation that we are and defined us in ways we are not real certain of.  I am opposed to war on the grounds of the gospel and need to work out my feelings on ANZAC day further.

Over the weekend I also had mixed reactions to a couple of gifts I have received.  A couple of years ago my wonderful wife bought a hoodie for me.  I was delighted as I had wanted its particular design on a piece of clothing for years.  I wore it a little and then went to a warm climate and thought it was never to be used again.  This weekend showed me otherwise with not only the warmth being provided but also the hood keeping me dry.

As my super son had a family birthday party I received a few more gifts for my birthday.  Getting everyone out again one week apart just seems so unfair and my son needs to have his birthday celebrated.  Anyway someone came in with a gift which looked to me like something I had asked for but was not quite what I wanted as I did not think it would work due to technical limitations.  I was wrong.  I read the manual and realised while I had some fiddling around to do it would do exactly what I asked for.  I had thanked the recipient but now I am thankful.

Overall I am learning to be thankful for what I am given but realising I do not always value those things up front.  I need to be more trusting of what I am given knowing that in the end the people have my concerns at heart and that it will work out.

So what have you received lately that may end up being a blessing?