Ok I’ll admit I was stuck on what I would write this week. That was until I saw a sneak reference in NT scholar Mark Goodacre’s blog about Doctor Who. So nice to see another blogger and academic with the same taste as me. Unfortunately he tells me the new series of Doctor Who has started in the UK and I have no idea how long I’ll have to wait out here before the ABC shows it.

Anyway the good thing about Mark’s blog other than the academic quality of all he does is that he shows that academic blogs can function in multiple ways. This is a great encouragement to me as I see more reading of this blog happening. I am never sure of how to keep my voice and my tone right. Mark shows me I can keep it professional and personal. Mind you he seems to keep these in separate sections which I don’t do yet.

I expect looking around I will need to update my blogroll soon as there are a few changes I should make.

Also I keep intending to do an indepth review of Fink’s, Creating Significant Learning Experiences so if I say this I will then start next Monday.

Enjoy your reading.

p.s. It turns out one of the photos I had linked to previously was under terms more limited than I am used to and the author asked for a cease and desist.  I have done so and will need to be more careful in future.  Ah just when I thought I was getting pretty too 😦  No more photos except my own I guess.