It has been a long weekend. My super son has been sick and passed on a milder version of what he has to me making it feel like a very loooong weekebd. In the midst of this sickness tomorrow is his birthday. The plan for this weekend was cleaning up around the house on Friday, party and church on Saturday and a trip to the City for lunch on Sunday. Monday is a whole different kettle of fish due to it being the day!

So it all went a bit pear shaped. Friday we did clean up. Saturday we did have the party but my super son was tired after that. Very tired. Though his temperature was gone and all he had was a runny nose. We had a quiet night at home and I watched a DVD I borrowed from the library on Thursday night.

Sunday came around and my super son had a streaming nose and weepy eyes and wanted to go on a tram and a train to the city. Could we make it? We decided inflicting my sick son on children’s workers at church would be a bad idea. We decided to head for a little car park near the city and do a loop of train and tram.

Along the way we stopped at Caffe Si and had a bite to eat for an early lunch. We will be back some time.

We did make it to the city and alighted from the train at Melbourne Central.

For my super son this meant going up and down lifts, chatting to some people and then his parents deciding to bring him home. He has slept ever since.