I had a good day for my birthday.

The day started out with me waking up and eventually my son saying hi and then surrounded by my fabulous family I opened presents. I received a few books which I wanted and a few surprises.

I had a quick lunch with the family.

My work remembered or could not forget that it was my birthday and bought a yummy caramello cheesecake to celebrate.

That night we had dinner at Sofias. We find the food here to be good when you get certain dishes. We did not do so well this night.

We went home and had birthday cake from Cheesecake Heaven. It was Gluten-free so all of us indulged.

One of the funniest things that happened though was a couple of days before my birthday someone baby sat so my wonderful wife and I could have some time together. Apparently my super son wanted a video and it was started for him at some point. For some reason unknown to the baby sitter the video would not stop. We were told about it when we got home, forgot about it and that was it.

The next day we had to make sure that everything was set up not to record on the tape of my super son. We could not get anything to work. I said maybe its the batteries. My wonderful wife found some new ones and lo and behold it all worked.

So I had a great birthday without birthday bashings but maybe batteryngs 🙂