I was right, my church is starting a series on the traditional seven deadly sins.  This week was an introduction with the comment that the response to pride is humility.

Now I want to deliberately take a different tack to what may happen at church just so I enjoy both what I write and so I can still hear what is being preached at church.  Regardless of the different tack I think that the response to pride is not humility it is decentering.

What I mean is the basic idea of pride seems to be the sense that “I” am the most important thing in the world, there is nothing that “I” can not do, “I” am as good as God.  In other words the centre of my universe is me; humility can still leave me at the centre of my universe.  Sure it will contract the size of the universe and allow me more interaction with people but being humble which according to Merriam-Webster.com means “not proud” does not take the “I” out of the centre of the universe.

It seems to me that to be truly “not proud” we need to replace the centre of the universe with something else other than “I” and not something in which we can boast.  You see we can have pride in our kids or our choices for what we do.  This is not an improvement.  We need something that somehow humbles us when we consider it is in the centre of our lives.  “I” needs to be decentered.

Jesus Christ in the centre of our lives is not something in which we should be proud. Here we have a man crucified as a criminal for living a perfect life and we say we follow him.  This is not something for our pride to get built on, it should be something that kills our pride.  We look so much on the glorified Christ of faith that we miss the Lamb who took away the sins of the world.  Should you feel proud having a lamb in the middle of your life?  I do not think so.

So what’s in the centre of your life?