Well we have had a busy weekend preparing for my birthday tomorrow and so we have wandered all over the place.

Saturday was Camberwell. We had dinner at Mongusto Mama which is sort of inside the Rivoli Cinema. It was a great meal and a great setting.

After Church this morning

We went to Pizza Piazza for lunch

They have gluten free food which is yummy as well as normal italian stuff it was good. We all had dessert. Well more accurately my wonderful wife and I had a dessert each and our son had our ice-cream and lots of my dessert. My wonderful wife wants to take one of her brothers there the next time he is in town.

We then caught a train to the city and had a little wander around. We caught a tram back to where we started and then realised we were thirsty.

We thought about what to do, called around a few places and did not succeed in getting somewhere that was open. Third time we hit pay dirt and went to Cerones Cafe in Malvern. I had some pancakes while my super son was supposed to share a chocolate chip cookie. This meant he had most of his and a third of mine, again.

We wandered around a little and I scored for mothers day in Books in Print with a Mother’s Day gift. More news after the day concerning that.

I said we’d finish the day off with a drive so we drove to Berwick.

Not that one in England which we also have good memories of but the one nearer us which has a place that does Gluten Free Fish and Chips. My wonderful wife was very happy.

We’ll be back to all these places at some stage.