Last week I discussed visits to churches that the church’s pastors would hate to be associated with. This week I’ll do the positive.

10) Visiting a church for a friend’s first sermon and being invited onto the podium because you are a student too.

9) Have a few marriage propositions from the previous visit passed onto you.

8) Visiting a church overseas, and upon arriving home find a letter saying “We recognise we are not near you but if there is anything we can do …”

7) Visiting the church of a (now) well known pastor and have a chat with him after the sermon during which he says, “If you make this your church come back and have a talk with me.”

6) Visit a megachurch with your mother and when the church breaks into prayer triplets have a complete stranger pray for her. Mum remembered this for years.

5) Say to the pastor at your first visit “I like the church and I’d like to meet with you” and then have a two hour conversation over lunch.

4) Running into old friends at the church you are visiting and having them say hi after they have led worship.

3) Getting invited out to lunch and/or dinner by people you have just met while visiting a church.

2) Visiting a very conservative urban church and hear a prayer request concerning AIDS for a member of the congregation due to the member’s former spouse infecting them.

1) Visit a church and it feels like where you should be just after making a commitment to Christ.