Yesterday was a really busy day for me.  An article on Envy (and the start of a series on the Seven Deadly Sins) was not written.  Oh well tomorrow God willing.

What happened was that one of my co-workers has lost his voice.  I volunteered to take his lecture as it is an area I am familiar with and enjoy teaching.  Overall it was a good experience.  One of the rowdier students apologised this morning for his high sugar intake at lunch which “made” him quite disruptive in the class.

This of course meant that things I wanted to get done have not been started and others put on hold.  At the same time I am really happy that I could volunteer and help someone.  Teamwork seems to me to be able to step in and voluntarily take the place of some one when necessary.  I know people who think teamwork is being able to be assigned to another role but that can be a form delegation and manipulation rather than teamwork.

So in the midst of my busyness other work did not get done but still the team shows it strength.

Last week to add to what may have been stressful yesterday the family started attending a small group at church.  By God’s grace it is across the road from us and is full of lovely people.  We did not enquire if it met weekly.  Somewhere between all my lecturing I saw an email informing me of when the group is so it was not last night and I could work on other things.

My super son though was disappointed as he loves the idea of going to a “little group”.  Small and little are the same idea to him of course 🙂  He was too tired, as he is still recovering from his chest cold, to have gone anyway so it all worked well.

So how are you working in a team?  Busy or relaxed?