Students make the best comments.  One day in chapel one of the students leading made the comment comparing the reaction of non-Christian guys to breaking up (crying jags) to Christian guys breaking up (praise God) with girls who are not right with them.

This is great insight – which I will comment on tomorrow – but also gives an idea of the issues students face.

This week I set an exam.  I do not like exams as a way of testing knowledge but I do like them as a way of giving feedback and receiving it.

Some students have commented on the exam already as it is a take home exam.  I will be interested to see the results.

Yet students always have insight into issues.  Last week I spoke on Women in Church History which is not a strength of mine.  A couple of the students picked this up and we talked in the break.  In the end I have decided I want a woman to speak to this topic rather than me in future.  I may have a report this time next  year.

So what have students said to you lately?