I rode my bike to work this morning. Now to be fair I should say while it has two wheels and pedals it also has a motor.

Now you could say that this is an indulgence as it cost around $400 at KMart. Compared to the local supplier this is a steal. Compared to the cost of insuring a car, without paying for petrol, the car itself, servicing and pollution it is still a steal.

The reason I ride is multiple. Firstly it means my wonderful wife and super son do not need to leave home at the same time as me. Secondly I get exercise. Thirdly I am not polluting the environment. Fourthly and this is related to where we now live, it is almost as quick for me to ride as it is for us to get here by car. That last point combined with all the others probably means I’ll be riding 5 days a week.

We rarely think of our modes of transport as ethical or theological issues. Yet if we truly confess that Jesus is Lord over all creation and we are to be good stewards of it, there are times we need to consider this.

So how are you travelling?