I have recently been accosted in a number of ways to consider what does it mean to be a man?

1) Some mens ministries, please note the plurals, have decided that at their men’s conference it is appropriate to find an old car and a sledge hammer and work out your aggression on the helpless car.  I was invited to such an event on Saturday.  I was then told by the invitee that he has never destroyed the car himself.

2) I bought a vacuum blower for the yard.  I started to use it an then remembered that sweeping used to be women’s work.  Think of fairy tales like Cinderella if you want confirmation, that’s what I did.  It seems if it has a motor on it, the thing is for men if it doesn’t it is for women.

Now both of these are gross stereotypes of what it means to be a man but neither resonates with me in the least.

Ultimately I think I don’t like being defined as a man by being attached to a machine whether it is a car or a motor.  This is why I see myself as a man defined by what God calls me as and to be rather than what I do with things.

So how does God view maleness and how does the Bible talk about it?  While the patriarchal view is men as the head there are other views such as equality before God and relational equality with women.

So what defines you as a man or a woman?  And should it?