Last week I mentioned we would be on a camp for work. While afterwards I could say there were a few areas that we need to do better overall the camp was fantastic.

The students had a good time, many were prayed for and most had God touch their lives in what seemed to be significant ways.

At the end of the camp we had a de-brief with 5 students asked to testify what had happened over the time away. I heard amazing testimonies of where people have been and where they are now by the grace of God.

This reminds me to keep my students in my mind as individuals. You never know where a student has been before they tell you. Just because a guy says he is a single dad does not mean that his wife is deceased, for hypothetical example, his wife may have run off and left him with the kids. We heard testimonies that will make us think differently of some of the students.

At the same time as the newest faculty member I got left with doing the faculty item for a “Red Faces” contest. I worked out something fairly painful so I should not have to be up on stage too long but I had one of my co-workers, as a judge, saying “Keep him there make him squirm.” In the end I am more concerned about the student who thought I was trying to be funny than those who thought it was funny or as one speaker put it, daggy. Some of my students will think differently of me from now on too.

So what ways do you treat your students or have you been treated as a student?