With us having moved to Melbourne I expect to post an irregular series on what we did on weekends as insight into the city.

We returned this weekend to Dandenong Market.

We will not do the same again in the same style. While the produce is cheap, the crowds are large and trying to get a three year old round, even one as wonderful as my super son can be a mean feat.

Rating: **** out of *****.

While we had a few trips to Bunnings, due to the joy of unpacking but we also visited the Carribean Gardens.

This was an interesting experience as we went there after church on Easter Sunday. My wonderful wife felt like doing something different and as I had driven past the site I thought we could pop in.

We walked around the market, purchased some poffertjes and went on the train for my super son. The downside was due to the fact that it was Easter Sunday and lots of stalls were obviously not open. We will be back at some stage.

Rating: ****+ out of *****.

Finally we dropped into Williamstown again. Over all the trips we have ever made to Melbourne Williamstown became our favourite refuge. Now we can get there when we want to. We dropped in there and like usual had great food at Breizoz

We walked around the park and my super son had a play on the playground. It was a great time for all.

Rating: ***** out of *****.