This weekend I visited another church and heard someone speaking about the need for our faith to be active, there is no such thing as an inactive or passive faith. This got me to thinking about people who express their faith in a manner which I would not consider Christian. Both calling yourself a believer because you live a moral life or living an immoral life and calling yourself a believer thus seems to be a contradiction because your faith is either in rules or not being outworked.

The answer some people give is that their faith is more inward than outward or similar sorts of ideas. I am not sure this is viable thinking biblically as our faith must be outworked according to the book of James. Nor is it biblical to live a moral life and call yourself a believer because Jesus did not come to give rules but life and he did not die to make us live more morally.

Ultimately the idea that there are faith levels seems to be mistaken. A number of people who consider the state of the church in modern society argue that we “should live as if our lives made no sense without Jesus Christ as Lord.” I am not sure of the original source just that I have read this a few times. This means that our faith in some way should be at a level that means we live different (non-moralistic) lives. This means there is no levels but a minimum which declares Jesus as Lord and lives differently because of that.

So what level is your faith at?