This is our last teaching week before a break forced by Easter and study requirements.  We will have a camp during the break and some skills sessions to help students study well.

For some reason I think both students and academic staff look forward to these breaks.  For most academic staff it is a time of catch up.  For students it is a chance to catch up, take a break or not commute.  At least that is how I felt when I was at my different colleges.

So why is this such a routine?  Why take breaks?  Why not work through like most jobs do?  Is there something more demanding about university life than working in some field?

I think the answer comes down to the learning process.  It takes time to absorb material well, as opposed to crammed.  With a  lot of material being presented in most lectures both lecturers and students need time to recoup their mental energies and prepare for the next round.

So what do you think?