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It is said the only constant is change.  This seems to me to be a bit like saying “there is no absolute truth”, which is of course an absolute.  It also seems to imply that God is always changing. Currently in theology this is up for grabs, but I think most people discussing the issue want to assert in some way that God is constant.

So if change is ongoing and occurring regularly what should we hold onto?

Sometimes I think we decide a relationship will be the most stable part of life so we decide to hunker down with the person we have found.  Except relationships also undergo change and so we find that what we thought was a rock of gibralter, unmoveable, is closer to a life preserver, it helps us but does move.

The same pattern can be reflected in government, church, job and family.  At some point there is change and what you have held onto as solid moves or changes in some way.

So what is truly constant?  As Christians we assert Jesus Christ’s work on the cross is for all of us and has implications for now.  It does not change over time.  While how we understand it may change what has happened is unchanged.  Similarly the love of God which is demonstrated in the sending of Jesus by God the Father, and the sending of the Spirit also.  It is these constants that we need to cling to and not that which changes sooner than we would like it to.

So what are you clinging to?



David Morgan, lecturer, theologian, husband, father and blogger.
March 2008
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