Our house in Brisbane settled yesterday. We have seen the hand of God in this process and it has moved in ways that we have just found out about. Our Real Estate agent told us that three other homes went on the market at the same time and those have not yet been sold with just one having a contract on it.

Friends in Brisbane used to talk about the God factor as a benefit of being a believer. I think for this to be really true a number of things have to happen:

1) You need to listen to God to do what He wants when He wants it.

2) You need to realise it is grace and not your faith.

3) You need to realise it is God and not you who made this happen.

In other words the God Factor is based more in grace and God than in us being Christians. We are reminded that God causes the rain to fall on the just and the unjust and we sometimes have to guess which group we are. I think we decide too quickly we have got it all right and know we are in God’s will.

So where has God’s grace humbled you recently?