I was thinking this week about planning and teaching.  You see a secret of great teaching is planning and then being willing to discard those plans.  With the acceptance of discarding plans it seems to me that many people decide to not plan. It is easier to get rid of plans we have not made than to be committed to something and have it change.

I have plans on how I will teach things and what material I will cover.  I have plans on what extra-curriculum activities I want to perform.  I have plans on things I want to do with my family.  I have plans on what time I want to get out of work.

The reality is we all need to be flexible in our planning.  Funnily enough I am realising that I am flexible when options are presented in a manner that makes sense to me.  Someone recently said I am linear concrete in my thinking;  I want things step by step and in ways that I understand.  I said no I can be random too.  So did my wonderful wife.

Plans can change for dramatic reasons.  Someone I know has recently announced they are pregnant and I am guessing that is why their plans for the year have changed.  Someone else I know expected a number of people to turn up for a celebration and so many people turned up they had to be turned away.

We hope our institutions of learning can plan but not everything is so straight forward.  Lecturers can get sick or be asked to teach material that others should teach.  Flexibility is still the key but ultimately the planning is not just for the lecturers but for the students well being also.