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One of the oddest ideas that Pentecostal churches have taken up is the idea of vision as used in leadership theory.  You see what is happening at this point is a confluence of two ideas.  First there is the Biblical idea of vision as in “dreams and vision”.  Secondly there is leadership theory.

I know a bunch of church leaders  get a vision from God, through prayer, fasting, prophetic words or otherwise.  They then use this God given direction to inspire people and see great things happen.  Other realise this is what should happen figure out what it is a good idea inspire people with it and see it collapse in a heap.  And the rest are somewhere in between.

I spoke yesterday in my church History class about Origen and feel like I short changed some of my students, (I’ll rectify this next week) , as I did not quote “What does Athens have to do with Jerusalem?”  The thinking that Biblical revelation and philosophy were not to be connected as the philosophy was only a school master to get the reader to the gospel.  Now 1800 years late, or so, we happily accept both.

Origen’s argument was that we should be dependent on God and his Spirit for the things we need to do.  We need to live to the vision that God has given each of us.  We will live foolishly if we do not live to that God given vision.  This means at times we need to ask God for his vision for our lives.  Other times we need to have our glasses cleaned and keep the vision fresh in front of us when we have become visionless.  Other times we need to push forward to keep pursuing the vision and other times to keep on being part of its fulfillment.

So what vision do you have and where is it taking you?



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