Moving is never an easy process, there are things and people you leave behind.  Moving house, moving jobs, moving countries, and moving church  are all things that I have experienced in some way or other.

So would I recommend moving?

There are times when it is necessary.  I moved countries, from Australia to the US, for a change of job at one point.  It opened up areas and opportunities I would never have had in Australia. This was a good move to what I would describe as a bad situation as it turned out.  Looking at it everything seemed good until you got to the other end and found out that based on exchange rate the pay looked good except the area was expensive and would be a challenge to live on the salary.  Regardless of the situation it was an amazing time in my life.  I moved in the US a couple more times including for one of the best reasons to move – getting married.

We have recently moved as a family to Melbourne.  This is a new phase for us and lots of small adjustments need to be made.  We need to find a doctor and kindergarten, new shops and useful government offices like Medicare and Centrelink.  At the same time so many other things which are bigger have fallen into place by God’s grace.  We have a contract on a house and will move in, in two weeks time.  I have a good job.  My wonderful wife has found two different jobs she wants to apply for.

Would I recommend it?  In our case we felt God was in this move and he has provided and organised so much that in my mind there is no doubt he is in charge of it.  This does not mean there are not times when we go what have we done but so far so good.

In the end move when God wants you to but otherwise stay put until he calls you home.