I caught up on my blog reading this morning and was reminded of the loss many people feel, with his visit to this planet finished, of the death of Larry Norman.  Over at IVP they are remembering the loss of David Wright.

I would not normally make comments about either person and combined they would seem to have no real connection.  Larry Norman was a musician, who I met, saw perform, purchased his recordings and even have a sweatshirt with a design by him on it.  His and Keith Green’s music were the first two LPs I simultaneously purchased when “Jesus accepted me” as someone else recently put it.

One of the earliest academic books which I treasure was one David Wright edited, The New Dictionary of Theology. It is a great overview of basic controversies in theology and I should use it for my students more than what I do.  Similarly, another book I use In Understanding Be Men, a book originally by an Australian TC Hammond, was edited by Wright to be the version I am used to today.

The point is while I met one of these people, and the other I read, they have impacted me in what they did.  I am a theologian today from reading works  like Wright’s.  I still have Larry on the ipod sometime.

So who do you allow to impact your life and would be sad to say farewell to?