I re-read my post from yesterday about the inner logic of relationships and decided I wanted to reflect on what our relationship with Jesus looks like.  I heard one of my coworkers preach yesterday and I thought “I am not in that league”.  This is not a new thought for me – I never claim to be a great preacher.  It is one thing that was preached which I want to reflect on.  “We should be asking what is our relationship with Jesus like?”

Augustine, in his introduction to “On Christian Doctrine” (I think) talks about the need to be taught how to read the word of God.  He also wants this reading not to be for the sake of reading and knowledge but to love Jesus more.

There are so many activities we do as Christians that may or may not help us love Jesus more.  What is worse is that even good activities like Bible reading may not help us love God more if we do not have the right attitude.  The inner logic of our relationship with Jesus needs to be obvious to us.  Whether it is obvious to others will vary.  I think there are times in our humanity what we say or do does not reflect whether we love Jesus – the inner logic will elude us and others as there is none there.  There are other times when we will go through all the motions and others will think we have a great relationship with Jesus but that is now the outer logic and not the inner relationship.  The vice versa will also occur when we will have a great relationship with God and yet the outward manifestations of that relationship are somehow muted – possibly because of the (tragic) situation that is causing the deepening of our relationship.

In the end we are the only ones who know what the inner logic of our relationship with Jesus is like.  Are we trusting him more or less each day?  Is he more Lord of our life at the end of the year than the beginning?  Have I grown more in love with him over the last decade?  I’ll let you answer for yourself.