Do you ever have moments when things just click and now make sense?  When you have been wondering why your secretary is late each morning, looking green around the gills and suddenly announces she is pregnant.  You suddenly go “ah now it makes sense “.  You knew there was just something you were missing but could not figure out what it was.

I have these a lot.  Recently my wonderful wife told me something about someone we knew, she thought I knew it and I went “ah now it makes  sense.”

My systematic theology professor Ray Anderson used to talk about the inner logic of relationship.  From the outside you could not see what attracted two people together but obviously from the inside there was attraction.  There was a logic inside the relationship that was not so obvious outside it.

I think for some relationships we get glimpses of the inner logic and then go “ah now it makes sense”.  Other times we don’t see the inner logic because there is not any.  Other times we don’t see the inner logic because we can not see it.

Oh by the way I have never had a secretary so to be perfectly clear the above is all theoretical.

Anyway with that disclaimer what relationships make more sense to you today than yesterday?