It seems to me always interesting to consider the view of Scripture when someone who interprets it.  If the person has a low view of Scripture “it is just a human communication” the interpretation usually goes one way.  If the person has a high view of Scripture “it is a divine revelation” then there is another direction the interpretation takes.

In Pentecostal hermeneutics there is a discussion of  “pneumatic exegeis” or something similar.  If I could find the paper I would.  The idea is that we are lead by the Spirit as we explore the meaning of a text.  Now this seems to me both good and bad.  If we do not rely on the Spirit for understanding the meaning then we are relying completely on human understanding, and we go back to a low view of Scripture.  Yet our interpretation is from a high view o Scripture.  If we rely totally on the Spirit then we go back to “divine revelation”, but it again seems to me to be without much content or context but just some principle or idea dropped from heaven.

It seems like often said that we need to walk the radical middle, neither too high a view of Scripture nor too low, neither too much Spirit nor too little.

So how do you interpret Scripture with the help of the Spirit?