Within the Australian educational scene there are two worlds.  Vocational or competency based education and higher education.  These really are different worlds.

Except when it comes to setting assignments.  Both worlds believe that students should be able to receive feedback on what they have done.  At the same time the lecturer and institution should receive feedback as well.  The problem is not the process – it is the same – the problem is the level.  Many institutions which work in both fields can not simplify the vocational material if they are based on higher education material and the vocational people have troubles moving towards what is called professional judgment in higher education where marking is more relative than competent or not competent.

This does not mean that setting assessment is easy.  It does mean that time is needed to work out how to give students feedback, what feedback they need and how to do it well.

All institutions  I know of struggle in this area as the lecturers want the best experience for all their students and to allow the institution to shine.

So with it being week one and me working on assessment – pray I help the students learn well.